Planetary Society

Guaranteed existential justification (GEJ)

Let’s start our journey of choices at the top of the straight line (point K) and stop for a moment in the Stone Age. From the view of nature Stone Age man it’s the highlight of their work, because he does not disturb the natural balance with her activities, does not pollute the environment, its potential to over-reproduce are due the continuous struggle for survival, such disease, the geographic realities, natural disasters and climate change, strongly limited. This period is by far the most successful and the only one that guaranteed existential justification (GEJ), and still continues today in a very limited extent. It is highly unlikely that in the future it would be catching up or overtaking by another period.

But over time the man wanted more than just survive; he wanted to live his own life, go their own way. He discovered agriculture and animal husbandry, made personal property, began to accumulate wealth, draws boundaries and fear of losing the acquired wealth, he drew his bow and aimed the arrow against the neighbors. Personal and social needs, as well as the desire to have more increase of 10% (optional line K1). Not much, but enough that the possibility of the existence decreased by 3% to about 97%. In it is environmental destruction and soiling already included as a result of the metallurgy development, introduction by organized production, urbanisation, cultivation of the land and intercontinental trade. But despite all these factors, the impact of humans on the environment is still so low that we can describe this period as very successful and 100% existential justified, what shows clearly the green colored area in the diagram.