Planetary Society

Our economic problem

Needs and wishes are our constant companions who form the destiny of individuals and families, as well tribes, cultures, empires and kingdoms at that time like the country’s and the world today. Everything is connected with them. On them depends whether we will live well or bad, in peace or war, have health care or not, be supplied at the age or not, have a job or be jobless, have a pension or not, managed to assert their talent or not, have the opportunity to educated or not, staying in a clean or polluted environments, access to drinking water have or not, have a future or not, our existence is guaranteed or not. List of our needs and wishes is unlimited, free or not payable goods (air, water, soil, minerals, flora and fauna) and the economic or payable goods (clothing, housing, education, transport, justice, hospital, culture, luxury, car, hobby …) with which we satisfy them are limited. In the economy, this imbalance is named as an economic problem. And he rises from day to day, because we are not prepared to accept this limitation as a fact and adapt. We behave exactly the opposite, as if everything is unlimited and always available.

Therefore, it is now necessary to think and will in the near future be necessary to decide how, what and how much to produce, where to save, what give up and especially how to regulate mutual relations so that our world can develops, despite the given limits.

The presented diagram illustrates the choice between our unlimited needs and wishes, as well as the existence, observed over a longer period.