Planetary Society

Our existential decline

During the last 200 years we caused more damage than in all seven million years of our existence together. We rob and destroy the planet with such haste that we needed one and a half already to satisfy our overly lavish desires and needs.

When on the planet’s level the ecological footprint is crossed, then social development in the given direction and extent can not, or may no longer work. In the middle of the 20th century this point was crossed, but we still accelerate and drive towards decline.

Nature does not exist because of us, but we are like all other beings created because of certain needs in nature itself. If the need for our presence on this planet passes, it will also pass away the creature that has existed because of those needs – the human being.

What is the existential justification?

Nature is the ultimate master of this planet. She creates life and ensures that never fails. Its laws are still present, the only real and permanent functioning. They are the foundations of existence, are the nature itself. Existential justification is a one-time gift of nature, an opportunity that allows all in the context of the natural laws to survival. Who consciously or unconsciously ignored these laws, disrupts their balance and harmony, must expect that sooner or later his right to existence on this planet runs out. Also we are no exception.

More than we need and wish, less we have

Everything around us is being restored, changed and developed constantly and living in harmony, only we built their own parallel world just for us, surrounded by high walls of belief that it is possible to live and exist without being a part of the whole. We think we have the right to own all that surrounds us, to protect ourselves exclusively, with no regard to the fact that we are destroying everything outside our artificially created world. Our belief that we are something special, created only to remodel the planet according to our wishes and needs, is self-deception which isn’t based on reality but on pride. We have created a world of illusions where everyone forms his own world, formed only for him, without having an image of what will happen to her when his time runs off.

What the hell do we do with the planet? We have no second in reserve!