Planetary Society

Out of time


We have the desire to conquer the solar system and we used to fly between the stars, but we have no idea how to regulate mutual relations today, so tomorrow we could live in peace. We can not reconcile our needs with possibilities that planet offers, we do not appreciate and respect nature, we are not willing to adapt their laws, we are unable to understand the perceptions of time and space in which we live, we do not even take enough time to think about ourselves to better understand why we are as we are.


While one part of the world is in a misleading state of euphoria achieved material welfare, deliberately neglected part of the world is already facing the consequences of this euphoria. It creates a social imbalance, which is reflected in the lack of trust in the present and in fear for the future.


In our turbulent history, we have experienced a lot and also survived. But this time it’s different because we have built such a violent world that can destroy the entire planet, including us.


It is time to wake up.


From now on it’s all or nothing.