Planetary Society

Our mission

If such a complex creature such as a human was born on the edge of one of the countless galaxies, then this didn’t happen randomly, but for a specific cause.

The universe thinks because we think about it.

Our role is to be the protector of Earth

Although when viewed from the current perspective, this assertion appears paradox because currently we are the destroyers and not protectors of the planet, this is the only logical conclusion. Every vacillation, procrastination and inactivity for humanity have disastrous consequences, because we are destroying too much that we could fix something later. If we are not yet Protectors of Earth today, tomorrow we will have to be determined, because this is our home, the only one we have. The time to act is now.  

The nature has created ideal conditions for the emergence, development and protection of life, but our planet is still vulnerable. The danger which threatens us and him, coming from outer space. The question is not whether this will happen or not, the only question is when. At this moment, humanity must be prepared. And we must now begin with the preparations, with radical social renewal that will allow future generations to deal with the threat. We must do everything to build a society of mutual collaboration and unity, because only so we can carry out a project of such magnitude.

Our mission is to protect life

Nature has created us to understand the meaning of life. Let’s take the look to the stars into space and immediately becomes clear that life as we know it, is something unique, valuable and inimitable. Our planet is saturated with life. In a single drop of water has more lives than our entire solar system. The life on this planet has us create, and our existence depends on this life. Therefore, it is our obligation, our greatest mission to protect life on Earth.

Our mission is to spread life

Along with all living beings we travel through endless space, in order to be at the right time in the right place to make us on the way to explore space and to sow live.

We have a role, we have a task and we have a mission.

Now get to work. There it more than enough. We must build another world. Ecohumanist world. A world whose only true wealth is the life. Give ourselves the opportunity and the descendants the possibility.