Planetary Society

Planetary union

The process of adaptation will be difficult but the positive effects of association will be so enormous that every individual will adapt to the new reality. This is a birth of a new generation. A new human who identifies himself with the planet, humanity and the entire Planetary Union that cares for him and to which he belongs. He is an equal member of this community with full rights and duties.

What is the Planetary Union?

Planetary Union is a new form of association of people into a global civil society in which they share common wishes, needs and goals:

To live in unity.
To live in peace.
To live free.
To live in content.
To live in harmony with nature.
To live, to experience life.
To live in order to become more.
To live and to survive.

How does Planetary Union work?

The Planetary Union works in a similar way like today’s United Nations. With its globally networked organizational structure it creates conditions for the good of people and the planet.

Competition and struggle for power are not predominant here; cooperation and coordinated work on all levels of performance are the ones that count.