Planetary Society

Ecohumanist society, society without state borders

We are all very small, even those who think of themselves as big. But only if we unite then we are really going to become big. Such a world is not a utopia of the future but a necessity of the present time. The unification of countries in one united world must be carried out gradually and with a goal to accomplish the tasks that we set.

With the voluntary association of all people in the planetary community, all borders removed and all states resolved.

National flags in the 21st century

Flag of the Planetary Community in 22 Th century

Unification of mankind under one flag is an act of maturity that goes beyond everything humanity in its history ever reached.

How to enable future generations to live in a unified, free and borderless peaceful ecohumanist society?

For our descendant the ecohumanist world without borders will be so normal, how for us today’s world intertwined with borders. They will be born in a completely different world and we are obliged to build such them.

By year 2050 – Debate and preparation of Unification of Countries into Planetary Union.

The erasing of borders and the unification of countries is a win for everybody and necessary for the survival of mankind.

The initiative for unification into Planetary Union must be undertaken by the civil society which means all existing organizations and intellectuals who are already fighting today for the good of mankind and for preservation of the planet.

In order for unification to be carried out without disturbance and be completed by 2050, we must accomplish the following:

Create the Charter” Voluntary association of States into Planetary community”. Transmit this document worldwide and to the United Nations for discussion.

The United Nations must draw up a binding document about immediate cessation of all military activities and preservation of lasting peace, a document which must be signed by all world countries. By doing so, we will create an atmosphere of peace which is urgently necessary in order to make decisions about mankind’s biggest project in history — a project that will decide about our further fate.

After finished discussion about voluntary unification of countries, six months before beginning of the referendum about unification into Planetary Union, all discussions on this topic are stopped. So get everyone enough time to put his decision in the rest.

  • A referendum follows where citizens of individual countries vote YES or NO for the unification of their countries into Planetary Union.

There are three possible outcomes of the referendum:

  1. a) 90% NO for the unification into Planetary Union.

In this case, the process of unification comes to immediate stop and the world remains as is and with all possible negative consequences. The possibility of total war cannot be ruled out. Everybody loses.

  1. b) 40% NO, 60% YES for the unification into Planetary Union.

In this case only those countries that voted for unification become united and start building a world of future. All who voted against it can still join later. While this outcome is better than having mostly everybody against unification, the possibilities for unnecessary conflicts will still remain which can delay the unification far into the next century. The united will win, the rest will lose.

  1. c) 90% YES for the unification into Planetary Union.

This outcome starts immediate process of unification and cooperation. The birth of a planetary world of peace, stability, unity and environmentally friendly and sustainable progress. Everybody wins.

After year 2050 and beyond – the unification of countries into Planetary Union.

In event that people decide to live as humanity unified into Planetary Union, what follows next is the process of abolishment of countries and money, introduction of a unified planetary language, disarmament of armies and civil population, destruction of arms and weapons and transformation of war industry for civil purposes and purposes of conquering outer space.
The United Nations is transformed into Planetary Council that sets guidelines for the activity and operation of the Planetary Union. On basis of the charter “Voluntary unification of countries into Planetary Union” and ecohumanism the world builds the foundations of the future social and economic development of humanity.

Why such a hurry? Why do we have to decide so quickly?

  • Because we do not have enough time for the disposal of solving the accumulated eco-social problems,
  • Because so far we haven’t done anything towards of unification in hopes that we as we are will be able to deal with the approaching problems.
  • Because we have reached the critical point where environmental conditions will determine our fate and no longer we,
  • Because no country in this world is able to survive alone.
  • Because we are so heavily dependent on each other that it would be a nonsense to continue persisting on separation.

All past civilizations have fallen down because they overestimated themselves. Because they were stuck on tradition and have not adapted themselves to social and environmental changes. Our civilization is a global civilization and only a new social order can preserve humanity from extinction.

World in year 2017

Ecohumanist world in 2117

Take a look at these two world maps and ask yourself:

“Which one of these two worlds can guarantee lasting peace, preserve favorable climate conditions, offer a better future and allow for long-term existence?”