Planetary Society

Ecohumanist society and ownership

In an ecohumanist society, the concept of ownership has a different meaning. Property is no longer associated with money, but to the management and responsibility. Every individual is given property to be managed with conscious responsibility towards the society and the environment. Property is not permanently bound; it is flexible and transferrable to descendants or a new owner.

In the transitional period from the existing to ecohumanist social system the ownership rights of all people remain unchanged. The needs and adjustments manage the possible future reconstructuring of ownership in such a way that suits the owner and the society.

Personal property

Personal property is the right of ownership of an individual or family to free acquisition of adequate living spaces and everything that is needed to satisfy their vital necessities. Personal property is untouchable and legally protected.

A family that had to move from one place to another because of work-related or other reasons, leaves its previous residence to a new owner and acquires a new residence from the society that makes sure that everything is legally taken care of and that the residence is furnished at no cost according to their wishes. All activities related to property law governs the competent office.

Private property

Private property is the right of ownership of an individual or group to acquisition of the means of production that enable the person or group produce beneficial and environmentally-friendly products. Private property is untouchable, legally protected and transferrable to descendants or handed over for management by new owners.

A group decides to establish a new company. If they meet the requirements set by the society they receive all the necessary means to establish and launch the production. The company becomes their property which they treat and manage responsibly according to the laws of the ecohumanist society. The demand for their products is what regulates their production and consequently their success. In the case of failure, the right of ownership is cancelled and a new owner is sought or the company is abolished altogether. The society takes care of the former owners and employees by making it possible for them to gain new employment. All the means of production are offered to those who need them.

Social property

Social property is the right of ownership of the entire ecohumanist society to the buildings and equipment of public institutions. Each and everyone takes care that the institutions are constructed completely and used responsibly.

There is a need to build a new hospital. The hospital is a public facility, built, equipped and serviced by companies that are prepared for this work. All workers, from the cleaning to the surgical staff, do their job responsibly and respectfully towards the associates, because all know and are aware that they can set goals only as a collective – help the patients who have visited this institution because of health problems.