Planetary Society

Ecohumanist society and value

Ecohumanist society works like nature does. It doesn’t evaluate anything because it considers that everything nature offers and everything we create with our work and nature’s help is invaluable. And everything what is of incalculable value cannot be financially valued, so that everything it is always freely available to all.

Example of how the present-day society evaluates an apple:

46% – Taxes, customs, transport
26% – Retail trade
17% – Dealers
 9% – Owner
5% – Worker’s payment
0% – Apple as a product of nature

Today we evaluate an apple solely as a marketing product that sells and makes profit. The apple as a natural product has no value and therefore its sales price is false.

Example of how an ecohumanist society evaluates an apple

0% – Taxes, customs, transport
0% – Retail trade
0% – Dealers
0% – Owner
0% – Worker’s payment
100% – Apple as a product of nature

The ecohumanist society doesn’t attach a value to an apple because it doesn’t use money and treats an apple as a gift of nature that serves the sole purpose of nourishment and health.
What’s included in the above mentioned 100% of apple’s value is the following: all the effort and knowledge of nature, the soil where the apple tree grows, the work of insects who pollinate the blossoms, the diligence of birds who clean the tree and protect it from pest, the rain and the sun who make it possible for the fruit to ripen, all the healing ingredients that exist in the apple. The whole work we have pocketed that the apple reaches the consumer, is compared with the work which was done before by the nature on the nullity border, so it is completely absurd apple affordable evaluated.

The work of nature is in all our food, in every drop of water we drink, in any air molecules we breathe in every product we produce and in every cell of our body Everything ecohumanist society surrounds and everything it relates from this environment to build their world, valued as priceless. It paid in which respects nature and appreciates the individual for his done work.