Planetary Society

Ecohumanist society, society without money

End of money tomorrow is the same as the end of slavery yesterday. Profiters lose, everyone else wins, and the world has as then, one big problem less.  

The money is running out of time. Changes of the climate, resource scarcity, destroyed environment, social unrest, overpopulation, mass migration of economic and environmental refugees as well as social changes are problems that we cannot solve with money. They can only be solved by a global society of mutual trust, unity and cooperation – the ecohumanist society.

With the abolition of money as payment for their work or service, sales or purchases, experienced ecohumaneist society unimagined social recovery, and provides the individual enormous opportunities for personal development.

How does the ecohumanistist society evaluate the work of an individual? It doesn’t pay with money, it awards him with time that fulfills his life with peace, social stability, clean environment, content and satisfaction.

The process how to abolish money.

To be able to abolish the money as a currency and to begin with the process of the construction of a society without money, untimely social activities must be carried out at global level, that enable enforce this much needed reform. Resistance and intimidation of those who benefit from rule of money most, will be very intense. They are even prepared to start a global war, only to keep the world as it is. But it needs to change, because with the emergence of the new world, everyone benefits.

Up to the year 2050 – Prior activities for successful implementation of monetary abolition:

  • Write-off all personal, business and public debt at the global level,
  • restructuring of the world bank and all others banks in planet-arian developing funds,
  • abolition of the national currencies and introduction of the uniform global transitional currency,
  • enforcement of a single income,
  • implementation of the ownership reform,
  • implementation of the economic reform,
  • speed up the debate about the fair distribution of the natural and the man-made goods,
  • restructuring of the brokerage houses in the stock exchange of labor and goods,
  • create the conditions for full employment,
  • restructuring of the insurance institutions in civil protection, environmental protection and animal welfare institutions.

Parallel activities:

  • An open discussion on the construction of ecohumanist world,
  • immediate cessation of all military activities,
  • each country must enter the provision in its Constitution, that it obliged, under no circumstances ever militarily intervene not to jeopardize that produced peace. All remaining potential violent conflict solves only the UN,
  • conversations about the necessity of the abolition of the borders and open the debate on the union of all states in a planetary community,
  • acceleration of all activities to mitigate climate change,
  • gradual adaptation of the developed world on a moderate lifestyle,
  • accelerated invest in the development of the world’s poor,
  • stop population growth,
  • adoption of a single world language.

After the year 2050 – gradual implementation of monetary abolition

  • Gradual abolition of transitional currency,
  • phasing out of single income and its replacement by jop card,
  • realization of ownership,
  • realization of the economic reform,
  • activation of the Stock Exchange of labor and goods,
  • realization of the full employment,
  • activation of institutions for civil defense, environmental protection and animal welfare,
  • implementation of the equitable distribution of natural and man-made goods.

Parallel activities:

  • Abolition of states and the beginning of her union in the planetarian community,
  • adoption of a single world language,
  • enforcement of all activities to mitigate climate change,
  • introduction of ecohumanism.

After the year 2100 – the abolition of money and country borders and forming the planetary society.

How does a world without money work?

A world without money is like a charity institution “ME FOR YOU, YOU FOR ME, EVERYONE FOR EVERYONE”, simple, honest and efficient. This is a revolving system of giving and receiving with a single goal for everybody to win.

A surgeon operates a patient. That’s his job for which he doesn’t receive any payment. After all, he doesn’t need it because he doesn’t have any expenses on his own. Everything he needs for his work, education and living is freely available to him. However, all his medical equipment and instruments for operating and future treatment are available free of charge. Everything is given to him to do his job with quality and satisfaction.
What about the patient? He is given free treatment because the entire healthcare system is free. If he was a farmer, for instance, then he would make sure that his produce was freely available to the entire society and thus indirectly to the surgeon.
It’s very clear: the surgeon helps the farmer, the farmer helps the surgeon, and both of them help everyone else, and everyone else helps both of them. All for one, one for all, a closed circle of solidarity. The entire system of giving and receiving is based on collegiality, solidarity, trust, honesty and unity.