Planetary Society

Ecohumanist world (EHW)

A sustainable society will determine our future development. The period from 2030 to 2080 will be marked by moderation in all areas of personal and social life. We will have to reduce our needs and wishes from 70% to 55% and passing from irresponsible meeting needs to responsibly managing needs. Our existential justification will reach up the year 2030 an alarming low of 30% (point S), but by 2080 due to the social reforms increased at impressive 50% (intersection S1). But the aim of the ecohumanist society still will not be reached, because she is still in the area of unacceptable existential justification (UEJ). It will require an additional ecosocial moderation and austerity measures, which will have a major positive impact. By 2100, the already formed planetary community can step inside the range of tolerable existential justification (TEJ), and finally assert itself between the points R1 and E2. Flexible transformation curve EHW2 represents the extreme limit of the range in which the ecohumanist world can get. Point E1 shows the ideal position on this curve, which cover 40% of the needs and wishes of mankind and provides a 78% chance of survival. This is the world that its existence requires only one planet – Earth. Nowhere else than in the EHW area we will in the future be able to develop, without risking its own existence.