Planetary Society

Basics of ecohumanism

The Earth is our home and humanity one big family

Only a real feeling and a perfect understanding of these two concepts, enables the society of ecohumanist world to build the presence, which secures the future of humanity.

The World belongs to all

An ecohumanist society knows no borders and no dominion. Freedom of movement, the choice of a place to live and unfettered personal development are basic and inalienable rights of all people in an ecohumanist world.

The planet does not belong to anyone

Nobody can own the planet or get rich from it. This planet is our common good and that is why nobody can value anything in the sense of buying and having, but only in the sense of getting something and taking care of it.

Away from “ME”, towards “WE”

In ecohumanist world reigns the “WE” society with a very distinctive and responsible sense of “ME”. Each individual enjoys the freedom of personal development which serves for the good of all.

Be more  

Respect for diversity and simultaneous creation of unity in this diversity, integration of all into a meaningful whole, a common vision and goals and the understanding that humanity is part of the ecological community and thus inalienable connected with nature, is this way of thinking that ecohumanist society allows to rise at the level of the more being.

The only wealth is life

Wealth is not what we create and what we have. It’s what we are, our life and everything alive that surrounds us. Everything that nature creates for us and everything it gives us for free. Everything that enables us to live and survive. It’s the clean air we breathe, the drinking water, fertile arable soil, crops that grow on it, the fruits we pick from the trees, the insects that pollinate the flowers, the birds that sing to us, the rustling of the forests, the oceans full of life — all this biotic diversity that surrounds us and feeds us. All this is the only wealth and our greatest treasure. We too are part of this treasure. Unique, like every other being on this planet. Each one of us is invaluable. Unicom of the universe. A treasure that cannot be evaluated with money or weigh by gold.