Planetary Society

Principles of ecohumanism


Ecohumanist society stands out over the division of people based on gender and his sexual orientation, position in society, race, nationality, religiousness or ideological conviction.


The ecohumanist society means its unity a lot. It gives her the necessary strength from which it draws the will and perseverance to realize its objectives.


In ecohumanist society solidarity is not a social obligation, but a kind of social behavior, ethical strength that combines all these positive values in themselves which characterized the people and which is reflected off in love to the people and the nature.


The main virtue of planetary ecohumanist society institutions is that they are acting in the spirit of social justice, and despite individual differences, gives the individual the same opportunities and possibilities to establish and prosper.


In the ecohumanist society the individual obligation perceives as pleasure that he has done the work with satisfaction in the interest of mankind and nature.


Ecohumanist society understands personal and collective responsibility as an obligation of humanity to realize the set socio ecological goals.


The trust can not be decreed, not imposed and not bought. Trust is a personal and social value; without which nothing works. That’s why all principles and fundamentals ecohumanist society based on this uniqueness – the trust.


All planetaries are educated in the spirit of respect of privacy. It is an inalienable right, which no one may exploit and disregard.