Planetary Society

Foundations of ecohumanism


Ecohumanist society devotes special attention to humanity, because without humanity there is neither social justice nor no ecological responsibility. Its goal is to create a society of moral values like compassion, solidarity, trust, justice, generosity, good-heartedness and respect. Values that are based on ethical foundations, of a good education and manners integrated into daily life of individuals and society. Morality and ethics are carriers of the ecohumanist society. Without them there is no useful progression and long-term existence. Humanity is in the long run the best society’s investment.

Man is a social being and it can be satisfied only in a society of contented people. Life according to the principles of humanity is a preliminary condition for every society which wants to create a sustainable social development of contented people in the partnership with nature.

Social integrity

Social integrity creates the necessary balance for peaceful and global sustainable social development. Ecohumanist society stimulates and values the efficiency and usefulness of an individual for the society. It strengthens solidarity, unity and justice and creates the kind of social conditions that benefit the majority. For the future generations, it leaves those positive values that will give them opportunity for long-term prosperity.

Ecological integrity

Man is part of the ecological community and is therefore inalienable connected with nature. This dependence is still present, although we significantly weaken them with our economic and technical activities. Ecohumanist society provides such a development that protects and preserves biological diversity of the planet and its limited natural resources for the present and future generations.