Planetary Society

Time for changes

Fear is one of the biggest problems of our materialistic world. Individuals and social structures such as the rich and the poor are forced to deal with it every day. If we only managed to transform our energy into sensibility, usefulness and responsibility instead of fear, we would make this world a more human- and nature-friendly place, rather than the current money- and power-oriented world. Unfortunately, neither individual nor society is concerned with finding a solution to the fear issue. The situation allows fear to take control over one’s daily life in various forms: losing one’s job overnight, not being paid or getting the pension, to lose the house because of creditworthiness, not being able to finish education, to go bankrupt, falling ill, to suffer hunger and thirst, to endure poverty, to be secretly controlled, to remain alone in old age, to be victims of violence, to be sexually abused or even exploited, etc.

If we add constant intimidation linked to social and environmental problems, then we shouldn’t be surprised at the current state of the global society. Distrust is spreading, discontentment is on the rise and it is only a matter of time before the first nuclear projectile is launched out of fear.

If we even longer inferior the fear to perform necessary social reform, we will never manage to build another world.

If we really want to build a better world for our descendants and us, we must abolish current divided, unfair, inefficient and weak social structures and create a new, just, efficient, powerful, homogeneous and uniform global society. Those whose basic principle is solidarity, unity and cooperation, with the purpose to build world of social unity, social justice and environmental responsibility.

Do not fear the necessary social changes; be afraid that nothing will change.