Planetary Society

Our duty and obligation

As always, we are looking for solutions to the problems elsewhere and not where they really are. We think that we can find solutions with our knowledge, technology and money. But with them we are only mitigate the consequences, however, the true cause of the problem remains. And the course are we. We hesitate. We don’t take responsibility.  We are our biggest problem. Only if we change, the climate will stabilize, social injustice will resolve, and we will be able to establish the much needed peace to build a better future.

Responsibility towards the present and the future.

The 21st century will be a century of personal maturing and social enlightenment. In this century of enormous social changes, the humanity will fight the biggest battle of all time — a battle between our conscience and ourselves. This will be a battle of personal decisions whose outcome will be crucial for us as well as future generations. The fight between good and evil, goodness and greed, modesty and lavishness, tolerance and violence, honesty and deception, bravery and fear will decide how we will enter the next century. As crawling losers or upstanding winner.

Our duty.

„I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was duty. I acted and behold, duty was joy! “  (Rabindranath Tagore 1861-1941)

The individual as well as the whole of humanity are still stuck in the first phase of this thought. We sleep and dream, life is only joy, but deliberately displace the dreams that we don’t want to see. And so we dream unconcerned as if everything is fine.

But sooner or later every dream comes to an end. And our dreams are not an exception. If we don’t wake up by ourselves, nature will wake us. But the awakening won’t be considerate and gentle; nature will shake us suddenly and with such ruthless brutality that we won’t be able to sleep peacefully for millenniums.

To prevent this from happening we must wake up by ourselves and realize that life is above all a DUTY. And the time to wake up is now. It is now we need to begin restoring the damage caused in time of our daydreaming. We need to clean the planet, reduce our harmful effects on the climate, choose human beings over profit and establish a social system that will ensure a future for the coming generations. These are the duties we need to fulfill. Duties that cannot be paid with money, but carried out with heart. And if we succeed, we will experience this duty as joy.

Wake up, people! Experience life as a duty. Start acting and duty will become joy. Experience this pleasure and share it with others. It is therefore necessary, that the rich and poor world embrace and choose the way of the new social values.