Planetary Society

Existential decline (ED)

But some people and countries go further, because their material waste or artificially built standard of living has already reached need of six planets. These are all located outside unacceptable existential eligibility (point 6), which means that their existence time will be short-lived. There is another extreme, called the lack. Billions of poor people dying of hunger, thirst or disease. They do not possess even the planet (0 point), because their needs are reduced to the level of survival, about wishes they did not even dream. All together we rush at the time of existential decline (ED) as the diagram clearly shows.

Where the horizontal boundary line of our existence and vertical borderline our needs and wishes crossing, is on the continued downward livid choice line K4 located the point S, the decision point. Until 2030, we have to decide whether we continue to increase our needs and wishes and will expose us to the inevitable fate of chaos and violence, or we will choose a new alternative form of social development.

If we continue as now, we face 2050 with three choices of our future development.

Option K5a shows a rising increasing trend of our needs and wishes to the limit of 80% in the year 2080 th. At this point, this trend will stop and began to fall, but not at the expense of a conscious renunciation of our needs and wishes, but due to the effects of global climate change and social collapse. The collapse of civilizations has happened often in the past, but under different conditions, in another period, and the existence of the humanity was never endangered. But now it’s different. Today’s civilization has so an industrial potential that already destabilized the favorable climatic conditions and a military potential that can wipe out humanity. A very dangerous combination which seriously threatens our existence and the likelihood of such a scenario increases enormously. Under this scenario, our existence will end with the 22nd century.


Option K5b is similar option K5a except that such course of events will not determine the fate of all mankind. A minority will have the good fortune to survive, if we can call the lucky ones, then they have to endure under such climatic and social conditions that will be not but favorable. The fight for survival and law of the strongest will reduce population, which will result in a drop of humanity in a period of obscurantism, without the possibility to build a civilized world again.


Option K5c shows a scenario, after the fall mankind due to the aforementioned social and climatic problems back to the period of AEJ or even back in the Stone Age (GEJ). Nothing can be excluded, even this scenario not. The climatic conditions will be so extreme that only on this developing stage the existence of mankind will be possible. The nature creates conditions for survival and not living conditions. We can only survive in them we submit it. Conversely leads to existential decline.