Planetary Society

Unacceptable existential justification (UEJ)

In the last 50 years we increased our needs and wishes by 20%, about the same as in the previous 250 years’ period together. Total domination of capital, excessive consumption, insisting on a steady economic growth, living on credit, injurious competition, an insatiable greed for wealth, globalization, automation, robotics, plundering of natural and 7 billion needs and desires hungry people brings with it also uncontrollable consequences. Environmental pollution, extreme threat to biodiversity, already visible and tangible consequences of climate change and the likely world wars because of the scarcity of natural resources (arable land, minerals, glaciers, water…), and economic goods (food, fuel, gas, electricity…) which reduces the possibility of our existence on 30%, which illustrates the horizontal line (the border of existence). We are located in the area of unacceptable existential justification (UEJ), because we endanger the entire planet. The needs and wishes of some countries have grown so strongly that they needed at two and a half planets to satisfy them even further.