Planetary Society

Tolerated existential justification (TEJ)

The period from the 18th to the 20th century was marked by the industrialization, which enhances the use of the means of production (machinery, buildings, raw materials and semi-finished products, labour…) to meet growing needs and wishes of all, from individuals, households, firms and to the State. Only some individuals have raised their voices against environmental pollution and higher ecological responsibility, but they voice was lost in the mass of universal ignorance and unwillingness something to do to solve the problems.

Falling choice line K3 shows not only the growing needs and wishes of that time, but also to point R, the intersection of the vertical line that represents the border regenerative abilities of nature and horizontal line, risk limit, the limit under which we enter into risky section of our existence. From mid-20th century the natural balance began to weaken, because the needs and wishes increasing to 40% and our existence possibility dropped to 62%. In just 250 years, the production of economic goods has increased more than in entire human history before.