We have to rise to a higher level of civilization and build up another world, better world, a world with future. This book shows why, how, who and when.

Posted on | November 16, 2015 by Benjamin Dovecar

Give ourselves the opportunity and the descendants the possibility.

Big changes are very difficult and new ideas are often accompanied by doubts and fears. But sometimes those ideas are accepted. And when that happens, begins a new age. And that is now.

Taking personal responsibility

As humanity, we have reached a point where our actions already have a significant impact on the future. Because we are not aware of the negative consequences, we do not take any responsibility for what we do.

We live on account of our descendants who have no voice nor any chance to influence our decisions. An ecohumanist society is aware of the urgency of taking personal moral commitment towards future generations. Its social development is founded on strong moral decisions and mutual planning for the good of the people and the nature.

Now, at the start of the 21st century, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a better world. Let us take advantage of it because we won't get a second chance.

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