In the spirit of May 1, Labour Day

Posted on | April 27, 2016 by Benjamin Dovecar


Ecohumanist society and work

Abolition of money gives the ecohuman society the opportunity to evaluate work as a socially useful activity that provides social peace and builds sustainable development of the society in the context of the actual needs and even portable environmental.

The goal of each individual in ecohuman society is to be part of a content society where he carries out his work with satisfaction and belief that it has been done for the good of society and the environment. The reward for a well done job is the free use of all benefits that ecohuman society offers.

Since everybody has a job and the production does not exceed the needs, the work is organized so that the introduction of short-time work and therewith more free time for relaxation and recreation.

Ecohuman society does not divide work into important and less important. Each work is needed, is respected and valued, positively rated and should be counted as a pleasure to life.

Hospitals produce a lot of waste. Because ecohuman society treats waste as raw material, it is processed with help of an appropriate industrial branch. The workers in this industry practice equal important task than the hospital staff. Since they are the ones who cleaning rooms, removing and processing the waste, they create conditions that enable a hospital to functioning normally. Hospital also needs rooms, food, work equipment and trained specialists for treatment of patients. These conditions are provided by every participant in the process of hospital’s activity (construction, industry, agriculture, education…). In exchange, hospitals offer their services to everyone who needs medical help. All work responsibly in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect for the benefit of society.

Labour Exchange

Labour Exchange function as a work agency. It helps an individual to find a suitable job. Labour Exchange is globally connected. She also provides information’s to the competent authorities which occupations are asked. This allows the school system constantly adapt to the needs of the labor market.

After graduation, architecture graduate register at the Labour Exchange, where the competent authorities present him the current job openings, give him the information about the companies who are looking for graduate and the conditions that the candidate must fulfill. The graduate selects suitable companies to take with them in contact. After the exchange of information and successful agreement with the selected company gets on the Labour Exchange to become a job card, which allows him to go where he will work and live.

Job card

Eech member of the society has the possibility to study according to his abilities and to get a job in a company or institution or to make himself independent (enterpriser, farmer, artist, sportsman ….). All are the owners of the job card, with which they can prove her work and allows them to use all the benefits, the society offers them.


The canalization cleaner, which performs its work carefully, can buy with his job card food and clothing, use health and social services, housing related, gets opportunity to make further travel by public transport or use own car, etc… Because in ecohuman society moderation is a virtue, the canalization cleaner behaves accordingly and use all offered benefits responsible.

The Lie We Live

Posted on | March 29, 2016 by Benjamin Dovecar

A lie has a short legs but it runs faster than the truth. And she is getting faster and faster. It is pumped with stimulants so full that the truth simply cannot compete it.

To free ourselves from the embrace of our own ignorance, convenience and irresponsibility, we must become personally truthful. That means, be willing to be self-critical, be able to accept criticism, be critical to others and also say that in public.

If we are not willing to see the truth, be capable of telling the truth and act, we threaten the present and put the future under the question.

The book ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE telling the truth, nothing but the truth. Look the film, read the book and solve you free from these stimulants. Give the truth a chance to defeat the lie.


Posted on | February 18, 2016 by Benjamin Dovecar

As always, we are looking for solutions to the problems elsewhere and not where they really are. We think that we can find solutions with our knowledge, technology and money. But with them we are only mitigate the consequences, however, the true cause of the problem remains. And the cause are we. We hesitate. We don’t take responsibility.  We are our biggest problem. Only if we change, the climate will stabilize, social injustice will resolve, and we will be able to establish the much needed peace to build a better future.

Big changes are very difficult and new ideas are often accompanied by doubts and fears. But sometimes those ideas are accepted. And when that happens, begins a new age.

Give ourselves the opportunity and the descendants the possibility.

We have to rise to a higher level of civilization and build up another world, better world, a world with future. This book shows why, how, who and when.

Taking personal responsibility

As humanity, we have reached a point where our actions already have a significant impact on the future. Because we are not aware of the negative consequences, we do not take any responsibility for what we do.

We live on account of our descendants who have no voice nor any chance to influence our decisions. An ecohumanist society is aware of the urgency of taking personal moral commitment towards future generations. Its social development is founded on strong moral decisions and mutual planning for the good of the people and the nature.

Now, at the start of the 21st century, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a better world. Let us take advantage of it because we won't get a second chance.

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